Eazel 1.0

No Image EAZEL is a compressor specifically designed to handle Internet and e-mail files If you have important data stored in your PC and are afraid of losing it, use EAZEL to automatize and plan that information. EAZEL converts Multimedia files (like music, video files) into small compressed files, ideal to send and receive files through Internet. Send automatically safe copies to an FTP server, an e-mail address or even save it on CDs or DVDs.

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MagicDrop 1.0

MagicDrop allows you to increase capability of the Drag&Drop technology. Program creates on desktop windows, you can drop files, text or other data in. Also you can change appearance, command or transparency of the window. MagicDrop is effective tool to automatize your job.

magicdrop, desktop, drop, drag, valixsoft

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RSP Floppy Image 1.0.0

Application to create images from floppies and restore too - This application can read data from floppies and save it in image files - It can restore also the floppies from image files - It can detect the parameters of the floppy and save for later reconstruction of the floppy - The execution is automatized - The execution occurs in an additional thread running concurrently with the main thread

visual studio, disk, floppy, formatting, image, format, drive, vb net, image file

AVLock SIMPLE 5.1.4: Simple Delphi licensing component automatize online the whole licensing cycle
AVLock SIMPLE 5.1.4

AVLock Simple is a simple and powerful licensing component. Automatize online the whole licensing cycle namely: Start trial, extrend it, purchase, activate and optionally move the license to another computer. May be used into a removable disk. Allow to achieve the licensing operations offline through registration keys. Allow to register each computer at independent way into a network environment. Now with support for the PayPal IPN service.

shareware lock, component, licensing, paypal ipn, delphi

CoolZipBackup 1.40: Backup program, that backups your files AND registry keys fast and encrypted.
CoolZipBackup 1.40

CoolZipBackup is a backup program, that backups your files AND registry keys fast, secure, compressed and encrypted (AES or PK2), if you want. CoolZipBackup has build-in assistants, who knows the common places and helps you to choose the right folders for your backup list. With CoolZipBackup it is an ease to extend this list and keep it up to date. Futhermore you for example can automatize your backups or turn off your computer after backup.

packed, cruncher, czbk, recover, registry, files, secure, cool, folder, save, copy, keys, compressed

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